a naughty day

** it's only a title... forgive my language, i just want to feel free with my blog**

Lately, when i'm off with my assignment, i do go to work as a replacement teacher ...it's a really nice and different new experience for me. Luckily, i'm quick adapting with new environment and i have lotsa fun doing it. Anyhow, my passion still photography and it will remains TOP on my list. Back to my main story, i was assign to take care of what they call Excess Room where inside there student can get the free internet excess and do their kerja kursus or watch educational programs there. It good for  coz majority of them can't afford  to have their own PC at home. It seem that, today, i wass given a task to make sure the room is under control and NO GAMES such as transformers, counter strike, FIFA etc to be install in those PC... the news spread sooo fast that all the regular gamers go to check out whether it's true or not... hehehe... i think they are very angry at me, but i have
 all the right to do that... am i? Of course lah..

After hours there... i gotta catch up my last class for today... what a surprised when i went out (to enter the access room we have to take off the shoes) ... i only have one of my shoes... i went to search around the level, inside a vase, lab ... bla.. bla.. bla... but i couldn't fine it,  so i walked bare naked feet downstairs asked 3 of my standard one students to help me... after bout 3 mins, one of then found it way to the end of the block and behind a small store room... 

Luckily i only bare naked feet for only 15 mins (quit long for a teacher...and in front of students)...What a day. Fuuhh!!! The mistake is, when i asked the student to help me, then the whole class know the storey... but luckily standard 1... some of them said maybe my secret admirer (standard one knows about SA??).. but i think it might be they want to make a joke... or they are mad at me coz i'm too strict... or AM I TOOOO CUTE!!!!! hahaha...

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  1. nice..chantek blog layout n design..where did u get it?..

    hang jadi photographer ka la?..bestnya..

  2. Too strict or too much...? Why? they just want to have fun...

  3. "so i walked bare naked feet downstairs asked 3 of my standard one students to help me..."

    salah satu kuasa a.k.a power cikgu... huhu :-)