wedding cakes and sunset

It was then in July when Archy and Richard had their wedding in Langkawi... she was sooo friendly, he was too and the whole family was soooo nice. Yet i had so much fun with them...and i remember this unique cake (monkeys) and the beautiful sunset for them. About the cake... the funniest  part was,of course i never saw a monkey on a wedding cake (not in Langkawi)... this was their idea to make it different for their wedding ceremony... Archy was so into the mood when the cake served and posed for us... they really break cheer up the dinner. 

I always wish i had this beautiful sunset on my wedding...or better...maybe with the full sun like Risa & Genta.
I wish i'll great weather... great sunset on my Big Day...

...running to the edge of the sea....with great sunset...enjoying the great moment...Langkawi

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  1. Insyallah U
    Bila sessi bergambar tu? Kalau tak sempat balek boleh ikut tak