... a while...

It's been a while i left my blog not UPDATED... ayyooo...everything so kelang kabut...but all are for my own Goods. These are a list to my excuses...hahaha
  • my wedding preparation ( always on the list la kan... )
  • my interview ( yes, i really hope i get this..amin...)
  • my photo shooting...adoi...time fasting month nie la ramai plak buat renewal of vows, anniversary...wedding... (all are from Dubai, Canada, UK and Ireland) and yg paling penting...we also have our return customer Glenn & Rhonda for their anniversary...and last couple of day, Zaina and her husband Kevin really cheer us up...can't wait to go to Dubai Zaina!!!
  • and of course... preparation for P&P mmg take time, expecially when i have to take care new bloomers and to study back each of their charecter, tapi this time tak ramai sangat 37 jer...i surely can coop up with them within a week...wah wah...sungguh confident...that's the spirit.
While checking my mailbox, account ballence...bla..bla..bla... i came across this friend of mine blog..rosham nor a.k.a paan and i was in love with this song (*winking*). Bulan posa nie...layan sket lagu nie...

Cinta Yang Sempurna - 6ixth Sense feat. Noe (Letto)

Terbawa aku dalam rasa
Yang selama ini terlupa

Ooohhh Ooooh
Mungkinkah ini cinta…

Hatiku cuba
Tuk mencari
Kemana aku telah pergi
Ooohh Oooh

Mungkin ini semua mimpi

Hanya ilusi
Cinta yang menipu
Keindahan yang semu
Semua hanya palsu

Keindahan semu
Semua hanya palsu

Bawa aku
Kepada MU
Keindahan yang tak semu
Peluk aku

Jangan pernah
Kau biarkan
Ku terlupa pada Mu

Kasihku tempatku mengadu
Takkan ada cinta yang bisa sempurna
Selain kepadaMu

Kepada MU

* Repeat 1
** Repeat 2

1. Single khas sempena Ramadan. Nyanyian Adi (6ixth Sense) dan Noe (Letto)

2. Semu = samar-samar, blur

3. Untuk mendengar sila ke MySpace 6ixth Sense

4. Salam Ramadan

Besides, Aizat also always on my Top 25 Most Played nano...lalala...aku cinta...ohhh. Talking bout iPod nano i admire this brand new nano-chromatic .

And of course my choice is either blue or pink...lalalala...

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  1. babe, nak tanya sket. skrg nie tgah berkira2 nak purchase new 13-inch macbook yg harga rm4799 tu. aritue da ternampak macbook dlm ur wedding fotos. so nak tanya, u purchase tue kat mane? ade ambil apple care tak?