days before the wedding

The Proposal
It was last year when he proposed to me... late that night, in the phone... it was an informal proposal but i still feel the mix of feelings... happy of course... a little bit all mix up to be one.
Our colleague knew that we've been dating together since we're in UPM and to be specified in KTDI. We're in the same collage and faculty. He was famous among gurls and i knew a few who admire him badly... sorry gurls... he LOVES me...hehehe... not to be left aside, i'm quite famous too, in a different way. I love the way u approach me... it was totally not romantic at all but it really special to us... too special to be left out.

Back to the proposal... due to some important reasons, the whole family of mine ask your family to delay it to the next year (early 2008). Sweetheart, it's not that i don't like u, it's not like the family don't know you, and you know why... that's the most important things. Accepting you is the HAPPIEST things happen to the whole family.

The Engagement
At last, on the 26th April 2008 we officially get engaged. Engagement is just a ceremony, tanda gitu... but still it's not a key that we can do anything... the most important is marriage. The big day...**
As the mahar been stated...and the 'belanja kawin' up to the in laws...the whole family started the preparation to the wedding.

The preparation
From a tiny whiny things to the main ting : favors,room, pelamin, main table, cake, hantaran, dresses, photographer, videographer.... guestlist...blablabla..., with the help of the family and early preparations, everything go on smooth and without pressure. Ada la sikit2 stress tp tak tertekan sgt pun...thanks to my parents, the twins, dnd, sista n in laws, and the whole team here... i could not repay tau.

The date was decided, on the
18th Oct the solemnization and 25th Oct KL reception. Then the documentation have to be settled down, the certificate, HIV test... kursus. Gather the info of married people...maklumlah dah nak jadi bini org...menantu lagi... to be the best among all it's not easy, tp sweetheart always by my side. Itu aja kekuatan yg ada...

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  1. Kak Ana,
    wish both of you live happily ever after...

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