Dine at Mare Blue, Harbor park last night. It was a great one but my another bro. couldn't join us....sooo he missed all the great food we had..

Why did i love to dine there or have tea there?
~the most important is the food was always up to my taste... it suite me well.
~then of course the scenery was superb - watching the sea with great landscape and surround with exclusive yacht  etc
~the guy there always deliver great service

Last dinner we had :
Seafood pizza
Mozzarella pizza with  smocked chicken topping( these are my all time fav )
watermelon juice (danish), lemonade ( me & sis), milkshake strawberry (aisha), vanilla (danial & BIL), chocolate  (bro)

and for desert we have ice cream & caramel apple tart with vanilla ice cream.

Mare Blue... whenever i crave for italian food... i'll always be there... coz the linguini was great too.

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  1. zee...u should go there too.. i bet u'll lurveee the seafoog pizza

  2. Nanti you take me there bila i see you before your big day ok