it's true

Being apart after i get married was the hardest part. Last time when i was still  
awek,even though i was apart from him... it's totally different...i do remember him,but now i remember him a lot. Last time i did thinking what he's up to, but now i think more about what he's up to...and bla bla bla... they told me before i get married 

people : "lepas nie rindu-rindu lah...nak tinggai suami dia"
me: "mana ada...3 minggu aja...sekejup ja"
people : " nie hang cakap la macam tu, lepas nie baru hang tau"
me: " x pa...sat saja"

Then...for the first time on the 28th we have to separate, he sent me at KLIA.
 Alahaiii...susah betoi nak boarding...dulu2 masa zaman blajar pun susah jugak...tapi x sama... as a husband and wife nih the sadness tu lagi dashat...totally different...then i remember what they said to me was right. Going through the 3 weeks apart from him was difficult but thanks to him for being soooo supportive and thanks to my WORK yang bertimbun-timbun nih...hahaha... can't wait for the sun go down tomorrow... 

sayang...i'll be there tomorrow, waiting for you and i do remember that 'oblong burger'...hahaha

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  1. there is one song i like to dedicate to you...

    You & I Both by Jason Mraz


  2. korang stay mane skrg? or jarak jauh jugak mcm ktorg? kalo bace post nie mcm jarak jauh juga :)