BBQ Chickens

After visiting our friend (Bud) at hospital that evening, my husband decided to have a try at BBQ chicken. Anep,Ayen, Boy and me then decided to go to the beautiful Giant at Damansara. It was everybody's first visit there and the building still smells new. On the way there I'm afraid if BBQ Chicken not there and that might crush my husband badly that night...hehehe...he was like weeks keep talking that he really wanna try that chicken...hehehe...mengidam sangat.

As we 
entered there, my eyes stuck on the stunning pink sofa at the corners. From far it sooo comfortable, and YES it's comfortable enough to seat there ...

               me   : Charbroiled Sandwich = RM 12.90 + coffee latte

               anep: Jerk BBQ = RM 14.50 + Ice chocolate ( i think )

              ayen: Golden Strip Salad = RM 10.50 + Orange

               boy  : Chicken Burger = RM 12.50 + Float 

Besides, we also ordered kochi, hot-hot drums and Teri - Q sticks.

Because earlier we all are sooo hungry and a little bit greedy, we ordered quit a lot. Everything was delicious and we all full. We enjoyed our dinner at the comfortable sofa and still...
...there still some chickens that we couldn't finished it and ' tapau' ajer lah.

But a least the main course ....

so yummmylicious!!!! 

We'll sure get back to BBQ Chickens at any opportunity we have. 

On the way back, i heard somebody called my name... i taught i was dreaming coz i know nobody's there... after a while i made a move back to the girl and OMG it was my sis's friend. I forgot her real name but little Aisha used to call her Mok. Thanks for the yogurt ice cream. As I'm hate yogurt, that's ice creams change typical me that if you eat it in a right way... you'll LOVE it a lot!!!

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  1. 1st we saw BBQ Chicken outlet at Metro Kajang but we didn't enter. At home i saw a BBQ Chicken calender and there was BBQC (in short) website printed. We look around and try to find the nearest outlet that BBQC have and there was two. 1st is the new Aeon Jusco AU2 Setiawangsa and the other is the new Giant Kota Damansara. So we choose Kota Damansara.

    p/s: the pink sofa is so comfortable which did make us stomach fully loaded.... tak abis makan kena tapau... haha

  2. comfortable and makan sedap...bila nak pi Italianese plak??

  3. rasa nak datang lagi... perut tengah lapar lagi nih... gile la nafsu makan... haha

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  5. i went to JUSCO AU2..tgh jln2 cr makan terjumpe this rest. so teringat plak blog akak...suggest kat adik makan ctu...mmg puas ati...da la byk...

    i ordered just like yours, the sandwich...makan seketul jer..lg stgh tu tapau....

    aper pon, thanx for your suggestion...pasni suggest lar lg tpt makan best.

    ps: teringin makan original korean food yg blh masak s'dr...

  6. oi.. dah sampai giant kota damasnara, bukan nak tapau bawa sikit ke rumah ekeke.

  7. maisara - korean food yg leh cook sendiri masih blum try, mayb after this...i love Bubba Gump too...but mayb next time i bloq about it...
    shu - once we were there mmg tingat kat shu coz u said u loike the bbq pizza a lot, this one pun leh ganti gak la...hehehe