capture and being captured..

Self portraiture...

With compact cameras, phone with cameras, mac book/laptops with cameras... of course nowadays it's just a click to capture and being captured. Apapun... saya suka sangat ambik gambar. Some says that photographer don't like people to take their pictures, i'm not!!! I love taking pictures and of course take my own pictures pun suka sangat and peoples take my picture pun i suka  tapi yg cantik2 la...bukannya gamba yg ntahapeapentah... contoh, tengah korek hidung, gigit kuku,tido...etc...u guys know better...

At my site i post "Photographers In Action", thats was me and Nabila. We both LOVES photography and of course we also like to take our own pictures a lot!!!. 

Sometimes when we look at our own self pictures... it's kinda funny and lotsa terhegeh2 laahhh... but thats ok. This is a very nice hobby instead... Hobby?? why not!!

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