Family Day @ Sunway Lagoon

As the night before i can't wait for the sun to rise, that sunday was an exiting day for me as the family planning to spent time at Sunway Lagoon. There are so many park to be visited there and for me i don't think i can finish in one day. So laling sweetheart, next time maybe we can go to the scream park erkkkk....hehehe. 

It was a perfect weather that morning. Besides my family(hub, mama, aisha, siti, shira,aris & atim), Wanda + Pak Uda, Shu + Tisyia and Lan joined us later in the afternoon. We get out the house around 8.45 in the morning and had our delicious breakfast first. Then we moved to Sunway Lagoon. At about 10.00 a.m hub queued for the ticket and becoz it's sunday and it's school holiday, there are a lot of people there. Estimated to be about 15000 people that day

Looking forward for the next family gathering....

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  1. next time for sure... arghhh!!! SCREAM PARK... yeah...

  2. yea!!!! thanks sweetheart