What a Wonderful Year!!!

2008 is saying goodbye...  1430H already days ahead and 2009 hours to go... i kept thinking what's been happening to me the entire year. 

Early 2008 was a bit scary for me and team affendy.com as we face big punch. Anyhow, as the spirits keep strong in us, we managed to fight!!!fight!!!fight!!! 

My for personal live? i'm slowly getting ready for another step up to a big status change...I was engaged on the 26th April 2008. We tied the knot on 18th October 2008. Thats means a lot to me,  i'm officially married to the one that i've love. My first love. 

25th October was our reception in KL...

As i'm blogging now, i can hear fireworks from outsite.... that's means 2008 is really leaving us soon.

Back to the stories... as my work back on the track ...and of course the team and i keep improving ourselves, then it's time for me to move to be with my husband and spread out our wings in KL!!! 

Then, November 2008 is the month that i've met Roger Federer live in KL... how i adore him soooo much!!!

December 2008, this is the closing big news as i've been accepted!!! Thank you Allah for all this colorful live you've given me and my family. 

2009 is the year of expanding... families, work etc... it's double right!!! no more single!!!

Wishing all Salam 1430H and Happy 2009

Have a smiling year indeed...

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  1. what a beautiful year we have dear... some other said two heads are better than one...