Monday, March 30, 2009

..way back to Perlis

It was Sunday morning as i took ride back to Perlis with Transnational. Morning journey was fun if  my one come along, and with car. However, taking a bus ride was a little tiring and boooring. Luckily i've uploaded new song into my nano (mine the older version ) so i listened to it all the way. As i brought along my compact camera this time ( easier than my dSlr ), i was soo excited and so into it. I would like to share my journey from 9.15 am from Jalan Duta till i reach Perlis at about 4.30pm...

Time to tata titi tutu my husband...huhuhu...

The driver stop at Sungai Perak R&R...i remembered it well since i was a kid my dad used to stop here. Last time they wasn't many R&R as we had now. R&R Sg Perak was totally change ( no need to climb up stairs..use the escalator )since i've been there eons ago...huhuhu. Nampak sangat dah lama tak stop sini..

As we stop there for about 30 mins... i went to buy chicken burger (Ramly), sweets and fruits. I bought buah ciku and the taste was soooo sweet. Nyesal tak beli 1 kg...


This is the bridge i've been knowing for a long long time ago... Sultan Azlan Shah Bridge.

Around 2 p.m the bus continue the journey to the north... just a quick stop coz a few of the us need to go to the restroom... 

Then... i felt asleep.. when i woke up, sudah sampai Perlis daaaa... then dah lupa snap more and more pictures.. hahaha... Somehow, these day i often have this journey and i'll upload more pictures later.


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