Birthday Bash..

Place :  Pizza Hut 
Time :  5.30 pm
Attendance :  me, shah, pah, wawa, melor, mas, zai, meor, kamal, madi, amir jr, shahirang,    yati, azie..
Menu : Island Supreme, Thai supreme, Pan pizza

Cake... strawberry cheesecake

from kedai kek sayang

Mas ~ 20th March
Yatie & Zai ~ 9th April
Madi ~ 30th April

Sorry to Mas for the long hold... if it wasn't a school holiday, we might had celebrate it earlier. But then... ok la kan. Happy Belated Birthday to Mas and Happy upcoming birthday to k.Y, k.Z and madi...May all of you have the most successful year ahead and let us score with flying colours... Amin...

If only the 2o of us can be together, the merrier it will be. Anyhow, we'll have our makan besar some other day...yeahhh...

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  1. tgk gamba yg lelaki mmg ada ciri2 keguruan la... tapi yg sesetengah pompuan ni ada la ciri2 kegurauan la... haha