Scout Camping

Batu Kurau, Perak
13-16th April 2008

KLM 19

Being a scout is a brand new experience for me. Danish is a scout, Danial was a scout and now Sea Scout, Baba also was a scout before as well as Nabila and now i joined their club. Watching Jungle Book, now i realized the character and story-line reflected scouting. 

Back to the camping, it was really adventures: the heavy rain, humidity, sleeping with 'pacat', mud everywhere... even everyone really smell .... adoi!!! i can't describe that one. By then i remember last time at Kem Terendak (if i'm not mistaken) during the facilitators coarse, the was a water shortage and everyone had to hold the WC activities, 3 days without shower... the smells... OMG...hahaha. Remembering all those momories... you can't buy back.

2 days before the camp, my PAC received our very smart uniform. This one i would like to share it with my hubby and Baba who always request to see me in this uniform...hahaha...

This is one souvenir that i bring back home...which i really really don't like it at all... sakit la... hopefully it won't leave any scar... huhuhu...ish ish ish...


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