Tea Time

Yesterday both my husband and i had no idea on what to do. Then i ask if he like to bring me to taste cupcakes at Cupcakes Cafe at Kota Damansara. We went there the other day but unfortunately it closed on public holidays. Then we had ... 

'Tea Set - 2 mini cupcakes, 4 cupcakes and 2 hot drinks"

4 cupcakes that we choose are : black pearl, banananut, skippy .... and xoxo. Both of us agreed that black pearl the best.

two mini cupcakes

black pearl


Hot drinks i choose cafe latte  and jusmine tea for my hubby.

Overall, it wasn't that nice that can make me addicted to it, but having tea there was great coz me and my husband chit chat on a lot of things... i week of full gossiping thing... on what to do...bla...bla...bla...The place was exclusive and comfortable. Sesekali nak ubah angin boleh la...

p/s Berdekatan Ariani Kota Damansara... new outlet, x ramai orang so i borong 4 tudung ariani new edition ( as what the gurl told me)...1 for mummy, 2 for my sis and only 1 for me.

kenyang sudah...

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  1. 4 tudung ariani = ~400. Puhh, kaya2. Hehe.

  2. mine 1 jerk...huhuhu...coz after all my fav still tudung bawal.

  3. jooom...tp cupcakes dia biasa ja...lg best cheesecake The Loaf...

  4. Black Pearl jugak terbaik... teringat cerita Pirates of Caribbean

  5. the loaf?
    nnt nabilah ajk baba.
    gang baru nabilah sekarang.