Buah apa duri di luar?

Still in Langkawi, facing the humidity, entertaining guest visiting my parents whom just came back from umrah, playing with my niece n nephew, mourning coz my lala, lulu, lili & lolo (my goldfish) died, and last thing before going back KL .... shopping...

** ayen...aku dah beli dah kiriman hang tue...

Back to my teka teki...buah apa duri di luar?

answwer: Durian..

Hahaha...i'm exited coz pokok durian sebelah rumah nie after almost 7 years, this years dia berbuah... of course my bro yg merasmikan buah pertama yang gugur ke bumi. After a few days, today gugur lagi...so exited, everybody is coming home today except A.Jamal and hubby... x da rezeki korang lah kan. Hubby dear, i'll eat on behalf of u.

Baba, aboink2...sapa cepat dia dapat...hahaha
this is the tree

banyak lagi yg tak luruh...sempat lagi nie...

buah rambutan given by Abg Adi

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