Evening @ Pantai Cenang

It was late in the evening after we went to fetch Mama Audi at the working place. I've not seen Boink-boink for quit some time so that weekend Baba decided to have a family dinner at Rasa Restaurant at Pantai Cenang. Before we dine, we went walking at Pantai Cenang, mesmerizing the sunset. 
b&w by boink2

Pantai Cenang before...

Walking, swimming or sports activities there was such a great fun. It was so great to be at the beach even just watching the wave. The surrounding, the breeze keep me all day there. I never get bored but i felt like time fly so fast that it's not enough sitting there enjoying the fresh coconut water and rojak.

Of course, there's lotsa bikinis gurls and macho guys tho....nak buat macam mana kan, hehehe


Pantai Cenang nowadays...

...Damm... i hate being interrupt by all the guys promoting the water sports, mangrove tours, eagle feeding etc... the first one, ok...the second one, errrmmm...then when it comes to the next next next...annoying tau...

just imagine, u are sitting at the sandy b
each...watching the sea...watching the sunset... then one by one came asking u this and that...same questions dohhh...no more privacy, even while u are walking a long the beach they keep asking questions... adoooi... it's not like i'm being rude, i do know their work, but too many of them and annoying sangat-sangat. Why don't they do it like last time, keep it in the pondok (that look nicer to me). Tak da la nampak unorganized pantai tue...


That just me babbling here... ignore it if u don't like it. Back to our dining story...After sunset, then we went to Rasa Restaurant. 

Ikan masak 3 rasa

Sotong goreng tepung

Ketam Phat Phet

Minum...jus tembikai, root beer float, ice lemon tea.

Dinner...that night was superb!!!

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  1. annoying peeps at pantai cenang nowadays..xsuke jugak!!bahh..kacau betol.

    ikan 3 rase plg pedas pnh rase.mama berak2 that night.