...Perfect Weather Perfect Landing...

I'm off to Langkawi for a few days, as i'm comfortable flying with firefly, this time i've decided to fly back to Langkawi with it. There's only one flight schedule to Langkawi, 2.20pm. The weather in KL a bit cloudy. As we arrived at Subang International Airport, after check in my luggage, we had our lunch @ 1901. The airport still under renovation, and there's still lotsa empty shop lots.

Boarding time was 1.50 pm. As i'm waiting inside, there's still renovation here and there. Luckily i've don't have to wait long there. Thanks hubby for accompany me with ur iPod touch. Takda la boring sangat. 

The journey took about 1 hour and 10 minutes. Firefly still give all the passenger free orange juice and biscuits. Ok lah...lagipun i slept all the way...hahaha sedar2 dah lalu Penang dah pun. 

Sampai Langkawi, cuaca sangatlah cantik...blue sky...sunshine... tp of course lah tersangatlah humid. Nasib i memang orang pulau...kiranya dah biasalah kan. 

I'm in Langkawi...  Langkawi... I'm home!!!


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  1. jangan lupa beli barang2 yg dipesan tu ye... thanks a lot...

  2. Dah settle dah...got something for us too...

  3. woit, cutela tudung pink yg ko pakai tu. Confirm Ariani kan? my god! so sweet..how much?