Repoh Kopitiam @ Repoh

Yesterday evening, my friends and i decided to dine at Repoh Kopitiam. Actually, Shah and i wanted to break fast and we had no idea where to go plus... we wanted to try a new place. We then think that... lets give this kopitiam a try...


Me - Nasi Lemak Special (RM 4.80)

Shah - Hokkien Sizzling (RM 4.00)

K.Y - Nasi Goreng Kopitiam (RM 5.00)

We all drinks fresh orange (RM 2.50)

The nice waiter explain every menu very well. He's good in that but somehow he forget our massage to serve the food during azan prayers... sadly, the food in front of us almost 20mins before azan. It's ok for me and K.Y but how bout the hot plate??? Keras terus by the time we break fast... we ask the king lady to panaskan balik and it turns out to be too much water in it... dah jadi me sup pulak...huhuhu

Overall, the juice was great... tak cukup rasanya, nasi lemak also marvelous and kopitiam fried rice pun superb....

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  1. Panas menggelegak Hokkien Sizzling tuh... mau tabal bibir dibuatnya... haha...

  2. bila nk makan dah keras pun...sian shah