Walk For Life 2009

This event organized by Four Seasons Langkawi was held in conjunction to raise fund. All the money collected will go to Langkawi Welfare Organisation (Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat) in aid of education program for Down Syndrome, Autistic kids (Pusat Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti) & Orphanage Home (Rumah Yatim Piatu).

This annual event organized by the hotel was so exiting. More people participate walking, performing, merchandised booth and of course lotsa food and drinks. Last year the event was held early morning but this year they change it to the evening. This might be one of the reason why more people participate. The more the merrier.

Our team arrived at LADA car park at 4.00 p.m. All the committee greet us and guide us t the registration counter. Upon buying food and drinks we have to change the money with the coupon at the counter. So let see what affendy.com team had...


We started walking at 5.00 o'clock after the District Officer officially launch.


At the end we have some cute lil kiddo playing hula hoop... they are sooo talented. I'm amazed by their talent. Before that we had the special kids dancing chicken dance. I was entertained.

We headed home at 6.00 o'clock... tired but happy to be part of the event.... baba, boink2 and mama audy, next year make sure you guys fit tau... no more halfway walk ok !!! hehehe...

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  1. luckily tak ade gamba waktu nabilah berehat sebantar bersame kit kat tu