Cycling @ CICLI

...stand for Cycle Network Langkawi based in Langkawi. The shop and located at Langkawi Cable Car (Oriental Village). Owned by Ahmad Fairuz.

Last Friday evening i went there with my bro. I had a bad weekend...i didn't get to see my hubby, my left eyes blew up...(infection) that evening my bro asked to help him with the display at CICLI, i agreed at the first place. The weather was windy and sometimes raining. Going out from my car parked at the back entrance through the mini hanging bridge make me exited. Why? The cold breath, people plying at the mini zoo...kiddies running and cycling around...lotsa Arab...

After settling the flat screen at CICLI, i went to the food court behind to have a fresh mango juice and a set of bread. Then i start setting up CICLI blog and facebook.

CICLI has it showroom at Oriental Village, selling merchandise such as T-shirt, haversack, camping tools, accessories bicycle, motorcycle rental and etc. When i first step into the shop, since months ago... i was admired by the deco inside. From outside we can see bicycles and motorcycles for rental...CICLI also have hand painting T-shirt... it was nice...simple but a great souvenirs. The inside of the shop full of accessories, T-shirt of various styles, haversack and many more.

What i attract the most is the BMW f800... it will be ready for rental soon...

I didn't missed the change to cycle around there. After the rain stop, i cycle around the Oriental Village to see what going on and what's new. My bro and uncle was laughing at me coz i'm riding with my heels... who cares...hahaha...

I went to the cable car counter.

I realized there's a lot of kiosk there...selling varieties stuff

there's still the animal farm

elephant & quad adventures

Geopark Hotel


Then i went back across the Prosperity bridge... may i have a prosperous life... (ntahapaapantah...saja mengarut)

I even captured myself on bike... luckily i didn't fell down...hua hua hua... biasalah dah lama tak tunjuk skill... riding photography... hahaha...

I had a wonderful evening... i'm sure will do that more often.

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  1. kedai abg uih ke?best2!haha.padan muke pegi cycling sorang2 xde sape teman..

  2. huhuhu...tu la...berangan sensorang jerk..

  3. tp mcm best je.sbb sane kn mcm sejuk jgk la kn..

  4. yup...mmg best...ikan dia makan popcorn..

  5. sonot g nilai? nilai 3 ke nilai 1? ke g due2 sekali gus?

  6. azie: nilai 3...bolehlah...1st time g n x ramai org