Hot & Roll at LCCT

When i first taste this crispy pizza at KL Central months ago while waiting for darling dear to pick me up... i kept thinking of eating it again and again.

Somehow... the next time me and darling dear wanted to have it, the stall closed... coz it's already quarter to nine... and then we had our late dinner at Burger King.

Then... the next one at Hentian Duta. I came across the banner show that there's hot & roll kiosk there. Then again, the counter still not open eventho almost noon. Darling dear give another try after he sent me to the bus... unluckily they only serve prata... no crispy style...

We never give up (ceeewah) till last week when darling dear sent me to KL Central... we was a bit late coz i have to catch that 2.00p.m bus... and darling dear said :

" Tak sempat la sayang kita nk makan crispy pizza tue... nnt x sempat check in pulak"
" Ok lah... nak buat macam mana... ( a bit dissapointed) " i replied.

Then i managed to get on board that 2.00p.m bus... alone and when darling dear call and said:

" Yang... bukankah kt Lcct ada Hot & Roll? Abg rasa dah buka kedai dia."
" Ya la... nnt ana check... hehehe...thanks" i replied.

Tadaa... presenting

Hot & Roll

Akibat tamak... jadi aku pun membeli 2 crispy roll... Crispy Chicken Sate flavor and Crispy Chicken floss... Of course aku paksa jugak habiskkan before boarding... jenuh jugak la... ambik ko...

Result... i think the first time i ate that Hot & Roll at KL Central much more delicious. I remember i took Crispy Pizza flavor. The way he put all the ingredient better... and all over. But then, ok lah, after a long craving... dapat jugak. Agaknya, kalau makan dengan darling dear sedaplah jadinya.


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  1. kalau psl food hunting serahkan pade pakar.abg anep n kak ana.