it's a girl... Nur Husna Nabihah

Stuff for baby girls are sooooooo cute, beautiful, adorable and by looking at it i feel like buying everything.... they are such a beauty....ohhh i love it sooo much.

Our cousin (Acaq & K.Wan) had a new baby girl... a little sister to Hasif. I haven't had a chance to visit the new baby born, luckily k.wan came back to her hometown in Perlis... and her house just a walk away from the house that i rent.

The worse part is buying stuff for the baby... one K.Yati and i entered the baby shop... we were like crazee a while... semuanya cun giller, so i have tho cut it down to my budget... but still a lot of thing to choose.... banyak sangat pakaian baby girl untuk dipilih and semuanya sangat shweeeett...

Then at last i've decided something that more practical... a set of romper in pink, in a net. So, i don't have to think about wrapping...

Then the next morning before we headed to lectures, we stop by for a short visit. Baby Husna still sleeping and my cousin just gave a bath to Hasif. So, we had a while disrupting the little gal sleeping... hua hua hua..

Then, later we had to say bye...bye...

actually, i don't know what they should call me... aunty? mak long? mak su?.... i'm bad at it...

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  1. makcik ana?
    makcaq ana?
    maklong ana?
    makyong ana?

    tisyia just say... auntie ana n uncle anep!