Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kuda Kepang

This is my first time going back to my FIL hometown in Johor. Since i've been married, i never had a chance to go there. As he has to attend a wedding invitation, my husband and i took this opportunity to spent our Saturday at Johor.

Going out as early as 8.30 a.m lead us to a smooth journey to Ayer Hitam. Having KFC breakfast at Restaurant Jejantas and we arrived there at about 12 noon.

I was a bit excited compared to the rest of the family. New experience la katakan... everything about that kenduri almost the same comparing kenduri-kenduri in Kedah. Except that we don't have masak pecal and usually we serve kari daging kerbau or kari daging lembu... but we do sometimes serve kari daging kambing. The menu was superb... so delicious... they even serve varieties of drinks, bubur pulut hitam and dadih. Everything was super delicious.

The best part is the cultural show. Of course i never watch tarian Kuda Kepang live. Among all there, i was the one that look obviously exited to watch that dance. hehehe... then i want to the best spot to watch that Kuda Kepang.... but then slowly move back when that Ketua Kuda Kepang start smash that kinda 'cemati' (rope)...hehehe...

Then my hubby joined me... and later both my in laws joined. As we decided to go back, then the bride and groom arrived. Then we watch them walking down to pelamin. Before they can enter the groom's house, a middle age beautiful aunty went to give a drinks to the bride and groom for them to sip. That drinks as she told me, for prosperous. Ambik berkat katanyanya...

Then hubby called me back to watch the performance (ketoprak: if not mistaken) from that kuda kepang team... after a while, one of the performer became uncontrolled... dah mabuk katanya... that was ok... but then unfortunately he came to eat that glass of water in front of us. That was a surprise and we all was shocked except my FIL.

Then, when that bomoh manage to wake him up by entertaining him (giving him eat the flowers, telur and etc)... he looks ok. Musik yg dimainkan pun x boleh main stop jer... ada cara katanya.

Later we went back and continue visiting relatives from my FIL side. Ayah siap sempat sembelih kambing... hehehe... due to time constrained, we went back to KL after asar. I'll come again to visit the rest of relatives. Thanks for my in laws for touring me around Batu Pahat...

Great experience tho...

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