Friday, December 4, 2009

Dual Shock 3 : Wireless Controller : PS3

I didn't know Sony already have their controller for Ps3 in various color... it looks great too... Hubby and i went to buy the 2nd controller for his Ps3 and i'm in love with the color controller. Luckily he like it too... blue ... white ... black ... red... soo red is the closest to pink and baby blue.. so we decided on that color. Nice huuh... So now we can play together gather la (so i x leh merajuk dah la lepas nie sayang...hehehe).

2 players

 : The 2nd controller revealed : 

The box... and it's RED

Cut it off...

Open it...

bertafakur kejup... mesmerizing..

feel it...

for 1st time charge for 8 hours... after that between 1 - 2 hours and jgn lebih.

i wish they have it in these colors too...

nice right!!!


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