:: Shopping At Low Yat a day after Christmas ::

Actually, it wasn't in the list we're going to Low Yat... I had a gathering with my exSAINA when at the end we (me & hubby) need to buy lappy nyer charger and then i remembered hubby nyer mouse pun dah x function well ( satu dah x detact, satu lagi right click x detact ).. and gotta find d70 nyer batt charger... bla bla bla... macam banyak benda la pulak. Besides, Corus Hotel whereby the gathering held adalah sekentut ajer dgn Low Yat...

Tapi yang bestnyer... today i'm happy seeing hubby with the gift bag... kinda odd and sweet... mix of feeling tho...

bukan main Saloma lagi tangan tue...

this is one of the stuff inside the free bag

freebee upon buying the mouse...


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  1. ana..

    beli mouse dapat freebies tuh?
    besh nyer

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!
    hoping 2010 is healthy and prosperous.