JM Beriani - Tesco Shah Alam

The Cast:




JM Beriani, Tesco Shah Alam

yours truly: beriani with ayam masak merah

hubby: mee bandung

boink2: beriani with daging kambing
baba: beriani with ayam
tauhu goreng

2 teh tarik, 2 bandung (soda bandung), 1 milo

The beriani was ok... i loike!!! not oily...ayam also good
drinks all are okie dokie


mee bandung not so ok... i can through my hubby's face...
mayb it's not their speciality...

tauhu goreng = sedaaaap.... sedaaaap...

ba pulun makan

boink2 makan smpi licin

me, ba & boink2 + hubby tangkap gambaq

me & hubby


thanks baba... i miss u... and thanks for the choc too!!!


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