Herbalife Products

Thanks to Aida, Zalini (Kedah) and Mar (Kedah) for purchasing Herbalife Skincare. You'll get your order ASAP... please email me your address. And to first time customer... u gurl's entitled for a free gift.

For those who ask me about Herbalife Start Now Pack :

You'll get F1Shake Mix (various flavors to choose) + Protein Powder + Tea  and measuring spoon for free.

For those who wanted to join the complete programs... more freebees for you...(early birds only).

Email me for the price at red.clutch@gmail.com 

For more informations... contact me red.clutch@gmail.com 

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  1. berapa ek ana?
    berminat la

    lagipun hubby tgh guna

    mana la tahu dapat murah

  2. gimme ur mail... i'll sent few package for you