Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Herbalife Products

Thanks to Aida, Zalini (Kedah) and Mar (Kedah) for purchasing Herbalife Skincare. You'll get your order ASAP... please email me your address. And to first time customer... u gurl's entitled for a free gift.

For those who ask me about Herbalife Start Now Pack :

You'll get F1Shake Mix (various flavors to choose) + Protein Powder + Tea  and measuring spoon for free.

For those who wanted to join the complete programs... more freebees for you...(early birds only).

Email me for the price at 

For more informations... contact me 


  1. berapa ek ana?
    berminat la

    lagipun hubby tgh guna

    mana la tahu dapat murah

  2. gimme ur mail... i'll sent few package for you


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