Maggie Cukup Rasa ~ Sinar FM

Venue :   Concourse Jusco AU 2 (Setiawangsa)
Time   :   Afternoon

Reasons : We was there coz we wanna eat Tako -tao... hehehe

Hubby usually listen to Sinar FM... so while we were waiting for our tako-tao, we went to the crowd entertain ourself. Somehow Anep interested in answering questions by the Dj... but then, out of his expectation... they asked the contestant to become model for maggie cukup rasa... hahaha... not only Anep, i was nervous tooo coz i could't imagine what's he's gonna do... lol...

But at the end.. his idea to become "Abang Robot" succeed!!!

He won the first price tho... Congratulations!!!

ice breaking..

intro of events

2nd team to be on the stage that noon... (look at hubby's face...SUPRISED!!!)

worth it dear!!!


and inside the goody bag...

bila $$$ nak dpt nie...

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