LangkawiXride & SEGWAY in Langkawi

next week again we're gonna have a week of holiday... remembering my last holiday vacation in Langkawi which i suka la sangat kan dapat balik kampung yg terchenta... and thanks to mr hubby yg bawak balik yours truly ... hehehe....

we had a new Xperienced back there... which i would like to share with all coz the next school holidays approaching. Our fav hang out place there was @ LangkawiXride... outdoor shop which is like a mini Hard Rock Cafe... hehehe coz u're goona see ada motor besau atas kedai dia... hehehe i loike!!!

*  *  *

motor cross ... @ beach or jungle
photos courtesy of LangkawiXride

BMW experienced
photos courtesy of LangkawiXride

but that evening yours truly n mr hubby teringin sangat nk naik SEGWAY... while at first i don't wanna ride pun but at the end teringin la pulak....

memula i don't wanna ride it...but then, i joined mr hubby

riding it at first... susah gak nk control badan coz it's all about balancing your body... tak leh laju sgt...kang jatuh ramai pulak yg nengok... huhuhu... maintain cun
a few minutes given to us to get us to it

control mr hubby control

in front of LangkawiXride

abg uih & danial taking our pictures

hehehe... nice ride

he he he... 

it was a fun Xperienced for both of us. We had our picture as a magnet fridge and gave to mak & ayah... yezza....

Do Xperienced it like us @ Langkawi Cable Car.....

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  1. Hi, Melissa here.
    Best ek ? Itu hari mase pergi rase takut nak try haha. :p

  2. terkial2 jugak... tp dia bg about 10mins to get use with it

  3. macam best jek yang dua roda tuh..
    apa diaorg panggil ek?

    seronoknya korang berjalan2
    jeles akak tau