to DO list

Yes... i'm on holidays... and not going back to Langkawi... i missed mak & ayah... lotsa unfinished work to be done before the school reopen. Hubby working as usual, and i'm lazed around unscheduled... bad huuh??!! sorry dear coz i'm not into what so eva...

browsing the websites... from doing my working research till online shopping... then my eyes keep open... watching him sleeping... make me wanna sleep too.. but i need to really scheduled back what i should do tomorrow... hmmmm

To DO list

make up bed - checked!!!
breakfast for hubby (still not sleeping at 3ish...:) ) - checked!!! 
treadmill ... walking 
** work progress ** - checked!!!

prepare hubby lunch - checked!!! sotong tepung
relax - checked!!!
**work progress 2** .... errrm baca novel

tea time - checked!!! cucoq kodok

family XtVt/blogging - checked!!!

i'll checked weather i'm into it / not.... 

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