Visit Penang 2010 ~ photoshoot

2010 is a Visit Penang Year... upon arriving in Penang International Airport, we've been greeted by advertisement of Visit Penang 2010.

Hubby was meeting a friend for some business and we've decided to go on vacations together for a 3D2N at Paradise Sandy Beach Resort, Penang.

Upon staying there we've been entertained by our friends (takok & nies and of course Eryn)... touring around the Island (which i'll update stage by stage)...

So.. for this entry here's some photo shoot of yours truly & mr husband... taken by Takok and camera by Ayens ( our dSLR was sent to service centre due to shutter problem )

aksi agak formal...

menunjukkan sikap sebenar

bak kt photographer...model kedai baju

aksi kolam ikan

aksi rimba

aksi rimba lagi... ;)

yours truly... I'M Soooo HAPPY!!!

Date : Day 2 (18th Mac 2010)
Location : Around Penang 

next will update our makan2 journey!!! Can't wait

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  1. the 3 days we were there mmg weather sgt menyebelahi... turn out to be sooo beautiful as the beauty as the model inside the picture...hehhehe

  2. hahahahahhaahhaha

    ure rite!
    agree with ur statement..

    but really...this pic is really nice and its color vibrant!

    jelesnya akak, tgk korang berdua ni jalan jek..huhuhuh

  3. tq k.intan... but u still loya2 x leh a jenjalan jauh2...hehehe