Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sharin Low In Sri Gombak

lokasi Sri Gombak

This is my 2nd entry about our so called fav restaurant Hj Sharin Low. But, now they have their new outlet in Sri Gombak. Much much nearer to us rather than Bukit Antarabangsa. As we enter the restaurant, one of the staff was from Bkt Antarabangsa punya outlet... and he still remember us. 

That evening, our menu for lunch are:

Sotong Laadchi

Butter prawn

Telur dadar

Air teh bunga and karet susu.

Yezza... licin semuanya...

Muka happy sebab dah kenyang sangat-sangat.

till then,


  1. makan makan...makan banyak sbb tu berat naik...huhu..

  2. ya allah ana..
    tempting nya!

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