11th November.... YES, it's my birthday!!!... a year older and i am a mummy to be... ;)....

suami terchenta...

I wanna thanks En Suami for not forgetting my birthday....

  • 12.00 am ~ when i was dreaming... suddenly i heard a voice singing "Happy Birthday Song" to me till i woke up
  • Late evening after school ~ En Suami pampered me by feeding a delicious chicken puff... yummy
  • Night he said sayang x payah masak..kita makan kt luar...
  • then he surprised (which kantoi earlier) me dinner with a few X-Hillcrest clique ...  
delicious birthday cake

** En Suami mmg kantoi awai lg psi dinner dgn bebudak nie... hehehe coz i pandai korek rahsia and too obvious la perangai dia... hehehe....anyhow I LOVESSSS U la sayang, surprised ke x surprised ke... i knew u from the bottom of my heart... 

** so kengkawan yg x dpt invitation anep, on behalf of him SORRY... it was ad hoc jer... and this is the first time he surprised me... so, kelang kabut. Insyaallah, next year kami buat proper utk kengkawan kesangan semua... 

sotong bakar

kerang bakar... i loikeeee

ayen yg kelaparan... amer merenung manja..

Pali dah x boleh berkata2 suda..

Jnal... Boy...tangan Jude n Poji (tiada dalam gambaq)

choc from Jude

choc again by Su...


Terima kasih again to all time fav buddy buddy... my pumpkin... my bantai busuk... my husband yg sentiasa melayan isteri :
  • yg sangat mengada2 nie (blame the hormon sayang... not me ;) )
  • yg kadang2 malas nk masak... (kadang2 jer)
  • yg selalu merap ... ( spoilt wifey kan kan kan )
  • yg suka merapu x tentu pasal...
  • yg suka memberi cadangan yg memeningkan
  • yg sebernarnya sangat SAYANGKAN abang!!!
coz i know u lovesss me to... muaaacchhhhhhssss!!!! smooch smooch...

u light up my life!!!... tgk... bercahaya gitue....

So many nights I sit by my window
Waiting for someone to sing me his song
So many dreams I kept deep inside me
Alone in the dark but now
You've come along
You light up my life
You give me hope
To carry on
You light up my days
and fill my nights with song
Rollin' at sea, adrift on the water
Could it be finally I'm turning for home?
Finally, a chance to say hey,
I love You
Never again to be all alone

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