35 Weeks Progress

Last Monday went for the next check up...  skrg check up dah twice a month. Same goes to either private or government. Nnt once dah masuk 36 weeks + dah jd once a week.

Not complaining but going through gov procedure sometimes make me a bit cranky... but somehow i did go through it with lotsa patient and guts... coz that's what u pay for ( free ). But i'm feeling so comfortable with my Ob-Gyn at GMC (Dr Nor Fidak)... i feel relax, and relax some more... Insyaallah with Allah permission i'll deliver my child with her... but i always pray to Him, just give the best... janji semua sihat n selamat (mummy, daddy, baby and family yg akan take care nnt...;) )

My previous check up... Alhamdulillah

  • blood pressure ~ normal
  • urine ~ normal
  • weight ~ ;) ... as usual, naik juga... hahaha
  • baby in position
  • uri (placenta) in position
  • heartbeat excellent
  • and the baby is yawning during the scanning thinggy... hahaha... that's funny coz we can see it clearly both 2D & 3D... 
  • and the baby so berketul2... and weight at apprx 2.6kg...
Mummy progress :
  • getting bigger n bigger
  • already pack a few things to baby's n mama's bag
  • easily tired...
  • difficult to move around
  • carrying things's my major probs...
  • can't reach the bottom of washing machine
  • household chores not as easy b 4 pregnancy
  • my leg easily tired when standing too long
  • swollen feed (but not major... sekejapan jer)
  • my milk sometimes keluar sikit ( planning on exclusive brestfeed so produce bebanyak pun x pa )
  • lately bila makan kt kantin sekolah selalu ada cikgu yg bayar... and always i don't know who... Ann pulak selalu lupa org2 yg dah tolong bayarkan...g office ade jer bagi kuih / jagung etc...rezeki baby la yer... Insyaallah nnt mummy akan kenduri kt cikgu2 sekolah & staff2... may Allah bless u all...

the lollypop mummy...

till then

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  1. jaga diri elok2...bawak bersabar..less then 1 month to go...
    go go go !!! push !!!

  2. hahaha... uncle apek jgn lupa siapkan hadiah best2 yer... nnt mummy bagi duit minyak gamat tue... ;)

  3. waaaa..da nak dekat da..milk da start leaking ke?cepat eh..good2..mesti susu byk nanti...nnt bgtau la if da deliver..leh dtg jumpe kwn baru aiman..;p

  4. tina ~ yup, leaking sket jer waktu klu tertekan puting, bila dah tau aku x tekan2 lg dah... insyaallah cukup kot kilang susu aku nia...hehehe...pray for me plak yer...

  5. hadiah ape bleh bg ek...pikir pikir...gamat tu xpayah la...halal kan je...murah je...RM1 sebotol..beli siap ade discount lagi...