Antenatal Class At TMC Session 1

Being a first time parents, we've decided to gain as many knowledge as we can. We share experiences with families and friends, we search the internet and at the end we decided to join the antenatal class. This antenatal class is very good for first time parents to share with the Professionals and other 1st time parents too. But for me and En suami, we booked a little bit late the antenatal class... mostly fully booked a month before... and of course the priority goes to their own patient. 

Lastly, when i almost decided not to attend the class, my Obgyn said try Tropicana Medical Centre ( as she's been doing her clinical practice there too ). She gave the number and actually i called TMC as my last choice... and they do have place for us. (and the booking was 3 weeks earlier). So why we finally choose TMC ? :-
  • other's already fully booked
  • My OBGyn suggested
  •  near to our house
  • in search of knowledge.... ;)
But, i could say that having antenatal class at Kota Damansara is a bit expensive compared to other places such as in KPJ Hospital Group (except KD), Shah Alam or PUSRAWI. So, i think any Private Hospital in KD the rate is a bit expensive then others.

During our first session on 20th Nov 2010, the programs are  :
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology ~ Dr Surrinder Singh (posponed due to emergency in surgery room)
  • Paediatrics (Baby Immunization) ~ Dr Priadarshini Somasundaram
  • Dietician (Nutrician In Pregnancy) ~ Irene Pann
  • Lucky Draw ( we're lucky no 8 )
Registration...level 2
Class at level 7

gambaq wajib

Paediatrics (Baby Immunization) ~ Dr Priadarshini Somasundaram
The talk was ok... she explained why newborn and kid need this, need that... what vaccine compulsary and what's not... which one is compulsory and which one is optional... etc. Tapi cara penyampaian dia mendatar jer but she's an expert in it... ;) 

** En suami, i saw u yawning all the way...

Break ( Tea break that i think lunch/dinner )
This is my fav part i mean... OUR fav part... hehehe... the food for tea break is aware some...

still ada cakes, fruits and sandwich... hehe... buffet yg menarik

Dietician (Nutrician In Pregnancy) ~ Irene Pann
This slot, which at first we taught gonna be a boring slot turn out to be the BEST slot of the day!!! Irene explained it well... i mean very well and at that time we both a little disappointed  on not attending this antenatal class earlier... i mean first time parents should attend it during their early 2nd Trimester... bcoz for us, we know nothing bout good nutrician in pregnancy... what can eat and and what's not advisable...
  • importance and good maternal nutrician
  • nutrition and critical stages of fatal growth
  • what should i EAT?
    • nutrient need during pregnancy
    • pregnancy food guide
    • foods to avoid
she's good... i loike!!!

Lucky Draw ( we're lucky no 8 )

and we're lucky no 8

to be continue...

till then...

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