Travel by plane during 7th month

I was entering 31st week when i had to travel by plane. A 55mins traveling Kl - LGK and vice versa. I'm nervous at the same time i MUST balik kg to see ayah. The whole weeks was as long as a year selagi saya x balik.

I went to see my Doc, Dr Fidak and asked my condition. And she gave me a letter that i'm healthy enough to travel by plane and my due date was on December. But then, i always pray to Allah... saya nk balik pun bukan suka suka kan... jd kepadaNya saya meminta dipermudahkan dan diselamatkan.

Then the journey begin.... Trilogy of my 7th month  (31st weeks)  traveling alone carrying my first baby:

beli tiket nie dulu br leh masuk check in

dpt boarding pass n release letter.. then naik train

  • I was alone coz En Suami ada kursus...
  • I took the very 1st flight... right after subuh En Suami anto g KL Central
  • Luckily i was flying with MAS... i do the check in @ KL Central (mesti kena 2hours b4 flying for international and at least 1 and half hour for domestic)
  • Ok...upon check in, 
    • we need to buy KLIA express ticket 1st b4 we can check in...
    • they'll ask for the Doc's letter... 
    • then MAS will give a form for pregnant moms to fill
    • and they'll give their letter n boarding pass...tq lady for giving the most comfortable seat for me... 
  • then i took KLIA express (approx 28mins to KLIA)
  • At KLIA i had about another 1 hour before boarding... ok, b coz dah check in jadi x yah la kelang kabut lagi. Maka i can walk dengan penuh ketenangan... at this stage i can't run anymore like old days... terkedek2 nk smpi pintu ujung sekali... hehee
  • Inside the flight i asked the stewardess a pillow to cover my belly when i pun the safety belt. Klu naik keta pun i used to have pillow for my belly... selesa sket.
  • Bila nk take off... i keep reciting ayat Kursi all the way and doa's ayah gave me...Dlm handbag siap ada Mathurat with Yasin (ini during pregnant mmg x pernah lekang)
  • Alhamdulillah... minum guava, dapat salty peanut from MAS and arrived saved at Langkawi. Bro Uih pick me up terus ke Hospital Langkawi.
selamat sampai langkawi

I spent the two days there... with ayah. Tido situ... semua situ. Thanks mak su buat gulai sedaaaaap sangat and the next day siap udang besau lagi... the 2nd day, malam i went back KL... tp procedure kt Langkawi airport sangat senang... x minta surat apa pun. Boarding mcm biasa, just dia x bagi seat yg best ajer... tp x per lah... sekarang saya sudah selamat and ayah pun dah berada di rumah.

selamat smpi Kl semula...



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  1. kalau jumpa kat mana-mana memang tak kenal ... harap kat suami ko jer la..

  2. ha ha ha... maklumlah dulu slim melim.. hehehe