Ireland's Potato

@ midvalley to gardens...opposites Big Apple

Of course my hubby lovesss to eat and lovesss to try new foods... but potato? i lurvesss potato in most of the way it cooked...

this was last year when i was almost 9 month preggy... it's our third time passed by this outlet. 1st during the renovation, 2nd just passed by when on our way to cofee bean and hubby exitedly give it a try and the 3rd time together2 with ayen....

hub's fav is potato with mayossss (a lotss okey)... he did try potato with cheese which i like it coz potato with mayosss membuatkan kita cepat muak.... unless u x makan sblm tue...

overall both potato with mayos n with cheese taste good... it's something we'll have besides mak cik ani (Aunty's anne) n tako tao...

never try this one... womder how it taste

give it a try... quit expensive for just a potato (at first i taught) but then i realize the portion wassss big... the potatoes was fresh big and delicious...and mengenyangkan. approx: Rm8 ++

ayen tido

muka puas


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  1. nyummy ana!kat mana ni?

  2. laluan bawah dari midvalley to gardens... depan big apple donut...cuba gak...