:: pasta..pasta.. ::

Had a great weekend with my bff..tq Ella for coming all the way from AS..hehe..

Leen requested nk makan spegetti kt KLCC, I pun agree lol sbb dah lamaa x hang out there..

Hubby try out carbonara and pizza for me, and to my suprise I like it sooo much. We even talk about it at home..surely we'll go there again..kt food court jer pong..but sedap..

Unfortunately, I did't manage to capture anything coz time tu Faruq Hakim poo poo and suprisingly toilet kt KLCC x da air... Sib baik mothercare ada baby changing room..Tq then..

Then hubby was craving for mango ice cream @ ice room... Then I had another speggeti for myself... Yummy yummy..

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  1. woo..kak intan pun dah lama tak berjimba2 kat KL ni..windu woo

  2. Spaghetti kat KLCC's food court memang sedap ! :D

  3. k.intan - ana klu g pun mv sbb parking murah...tp ari tu lepak dgn ella,lyn n faiz layann la g klcc...best arrr...nk cuba lagi..

    mell - yup...sblm ni x pernah try, asyik makan nasi la, burger la... but rupa2nya marvelous...pizza dia pun yummylicious...