Saturday, October 26, 2013

:: ACT now... not later ::

Currently setting myself to engaged with reading. I want to make reading as a habit, for the start it doesn't matter scholarly article or books, academical writings, novels, comics, magazine and etc. I did conduct a programme for myself : 1 book 1 month .... hahaha....blame to my work that making me a programme maniac. Somehow it's a great knowledge implementation to self.

I started with :

  1. Ledakan Facebook, antara dosa dan pahala - Dr Zaharuddin Abd Rahman (but then, i was idle for a while)
  2. Sebenarnya Saya Isteri Dia - Zura Asyfar (i finished reading in 3 days... clap ur hand)
  3. Rasulullah is my Doctor - Jerry D. Grey (haven't finished yet because i just read the part that i'm currently concerned)
  4. Thanks to my SIL for giving this sweets as candy sister free novels
      • Hadirmu Satu Kurnia - Fariza Zulianna
      • Mencari Cinta - Leeya Myra (i prefer this novel better)
    • Mendidik Anak Lelaki - ongoing reading
    • Maaf Cakap - ongoing.... distracted because of  Love You Mr Arrogant....
    • Love You Mr Arrogant - Finished it within one day.... hahahaha... clap clap clap
    It's almost 4 month now.... and i positively sees the new me is being shaped.... even though i'm more interested in novelss.... hahaha... but heyyy, this is way too good for myself. I pray that i'm more passionate in reading scholarly books/ articles as enthusiastic as reading novels.


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