Monday, October 21, 2013

:: bye bye cellulite : an easy execises ::

a friend suggested a healthy way to naturally get rid of my cellulite.... a simple exercises from you tube and oc coz a healthy eating.

she's not asking me to STOP eating or whatsoever but encourage me to reduce the amount of portion i'm taking.

Eat small portion but several time. And a big NO tu junkies.... if possible try avoiding keropok and junk foods ... just a few but not the whole pack... try it slowly so that the body can adapt naturally.

Drinks milk everyday, low far milk preferably and regular exercise.

Drinks a lot of plain water - try to finish 3 litre a day

Reduce sweets and icy drinks - 3 time daily (not including fruits juice)

Because my main concern is my cellulite (u know how ugly ur thigh and belly look like). My thigh and belly to be specified, you can browsed lotsa exercises on YouTube, but this one is suggested because i'm setting a goal to exercise consistently, not just a few day of spirits then stop. So simple exercises and practical at any time.

imaged by Mr Google

Try to do it at least 3 times a week. It's a 7 simple steps exercises.


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