Monday, April 28, 2014

:: My Lil One in Tummy ::

Alhamdulillah. .. as this post published,  I'm now 14 weeks in pregnancy.  And Alhamdulillah again I passed the past 3 three months of morning sickness successfully. (Need a token for that tho)

My second pregnancy quite differ from the previous one. Yes my colleagues said that too... It's gonna be different from each pregnancy and each child...

Hubby n yours truly actually are ready for a second one. My handsome Muhammad Faruq Hakim ia turning four this year... which I far beyond ready for another family member.

Thinking about labour quite horror actually. .. but it's normal for me to feel that.  Somehow... for this time being I wanna enjoy my pregnancy moments and try my best to train Muhammad Faruq Hakim on becoming an example Abang. Hehehe soo cute thinking of him to be abang soon.

My friend always ask ... nak boy ke gurl.. I said preferably girl but Allah knows best. .. doakan saya dan anak ini sihat2 sahaja... and I pray to Allah for a save and normal labour. . Sihat sejahtera.

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