Sunday, August 17, 2014

:: 30 weeks and counting ::

due to my super busy life, i just realize that i'm 30 weeks pregnant already….
Misi comei : "Ok puan…. dah masuk 30 minggu ya….. lepas ni kita jumapa 2 minggu sekali… "
Me : " What?! 30 minggu dah… Oooo Ok " 
Ha Ha Ha …. ingat 29, thinking of it… yer la lps 29 kan 30… i'm messing up with my last period date tracker so it's possibly 30th weeks ++ ok!!!

Now i'm kalut la… my mama's bag and baby bag are not ready yet. luckily i've check all the basic necessities  earlier and only a few things on checklist and the rest are to be clean again (ok… baby laundry detergent x add dalam checklist)

~ 30 weeks progress ~

put on too much weight after raya…. btw MGTT pass, urine pass, blood pressure pass. Drinking susu kambing, and for vitamins Newrogain + and iberet (GMC). Sometimes my feet swollen… but usually no… still walking fast with my students, in shaa Allah… hope to get an easy labour again… Amin.
weight  1.6 kg (normal). Heartbeats normal…. while doing 3D scan being sooo active. What a memorable moments watching u inside there. Mulut x henti2 kumat kamit… ur hand on ur face, mama & Dr Zana try to distract u to move ur hand and u still ignore us…. hahaha… and Abang Faruq Hakim as mama's bodyguard busy with his lego cars…In shaa Allah, the white line means a burger…. Amin Ya Allah
Muhammad Faruq Hakim
As muma's belly obviously showing, Abang Faruq Hakim shows his tantrum more oftens. But usually he's so caring and loving, only a few times he'll be the opposite. Mama ayah loves u even more la abang, not even less.
Being cool as always…. mama x sure the inside of him. But he definitely can't wait to meet the new one too… ha ha ha… ok ayah, have ur leisure time now bcoz u're going to be super busy in less than 2 months…. mama loves u alwayssssss
As for labour… mama prays to Allah the best place for mama n baby

  • HKL/ GMC/ Selayang … May Allah lead to the best for us… i'm prepared for any of those
ok… till then

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  1. Ana Ferana,

    Taklama dah tu. Take care babe :)


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