Wednesday, September 24, 2014

:: 35th weeks…. Final phase ::

1st Trimester

  • knew i was pregnant lewat sket sbb busy dengan workloads
  • realize i was pregnant when my colleagues ask "are u pregnant?" hahaha…. then i realize i missed my February period…. 
  • go for self pregnancy test… ok, it was crystal clear that i'm pregnant but still hiding it from En Suami n family…
  • went for Dr check up at GMC … it was confirm but the ultrasound still not at a very clear state, but dan nampak kantung kecil comei lote…
  • By then, baru surprise kan En Suami yg sama surprise dengan yours truly that we gonna have a second baby.. 
  • We decided after my next check up (2 weeks later) to inform families of both side… but i cheated by telling my sister first… hahaha… she was sooo happy…
  • My mom was happy tho… bcoz it's already a huge gap between MFH and the 2nd one… it was suppose to be 3 years gap but Allah knows better.
  • Going back to Langkawi alone with MFH was an adventurous journey, i experienced bad morning sickness which my sister call all time sickness. 
  • Mak Tok n wan was not in a pink of heath … Wan warded, and yours truly settle with Mak Tok joint problem… Alhamdulillah we sisters manage to cope up with the situation… (Uih was on work travel in Melbourne… Cik Ad busy entertaining VVIP)
  • i felt nausea at any time, craving for keropok lekor, my sil bought all the way from Terengganu but i can't stand the smell, i can't even smell food on table… we're inside the car when out of nowhere i ask my sister to stop coz feel like vommitting….
  • it was easy during my 1st pregnancy…. I only had morning sickness at 3.30 am… every morning without failed … hahaha
2nd Trimester
  • This was fast, by now i already start to crave for jeruk…. rojak… mempelam ( makan harum manis belambak, all the way from perlis)
  • Alhamdullillah, Allah helps me a lot… when i think of makan pulut… there Kak Amy brought pulut to school… thinking of nasi dagang/ nasi kerabu kak Ana brought it to school… and many more actually… Allah knows best… really… teringat ja nak makan apa mesti ada kawan sekolah bawak, betapa besarnya kekuasaan Allah…
  • my weight gained becoming scarier… but i check it back with my 1st pink book which is at my normal state… hahaha
  • Alhamdulillah even though i'm overweight, my blood pressure was normal, my sugar intake was normal (MGTT), HB was always good… everything was normal. Alhamdulillah…
  • i started consume a lot of plain water and reduce ice intake.
  • By now i've already go for check up at GMC and also Klinik Kesihatan… because i'm planning to give birth at either private or general hospital… depending on hari kejadian. It's typical me, konon x nak fix mana2 so that i'm not in pressure… i just wish a normal and easy delivery… and both mummy n baby healthy. 
  • this trimester went so fast… we did go back for raya puasa by car, travelled on RORO, coming back from Langkawi and have our short vacation at Penang…. we had the most enjoyable family time together, and the next vacation is definitely after labour… hehehe In shaa Allah
3rd Trimester
  • i remember when my KK nurse said that i was 30 weeks pregnant and need for twice check up a month… i was like "betoi ka nurse, dah 30 minggu ka?"… then she get confused by me and checked back and said… "Ya puan… betul ni…"… and we laughed together… that was fast ok
  • at this rate i was all time normal except for my extra weight gain… but as long as mummy and baby heathy… In shaa Allah everything will be alright…
  • The current baby weight was 2.3kg and positioning well.. Dr Zana asked for early preparation so that i'll be ready anytime starting at 36th week…. 
  • ok… i forget how i give them my last period but Dr Zana count it as 35th week and KK count it as 36th week… hehehe… next time…please be aware of my period trekker (note to self)
  • Baby heartbeat always at 152 … well formed… 3D scan show that cuteness and make mama can't wait to hold u… 
  • At 35th week… during the short holiday i already prepared mama's and baby's hospital bag… just in case… including Abang MFH gift, when he get his adik sooner…
  • Gender : this is always a funny part… even during my 1st pregnancy. People around  will tell the gender based on their experienced and by looking at my tummy… my bump… looking at babies if same gender like me than it's that gender… but their soooo many of guessing gender game. The ultrasound tell the gender and i believe it is… In shaa Allah… we'll update about it after labour. 
Counting days now and i rejected all long distance traveling even when in laws asked for our family day. At first because of school camping, then due to UPSR bocoq then still i don't think i larat untuk long distance… hope that everyone understand… i have to take myself on top priority by now. In shaa Allah there's more get to gather later on…

Btw… baby… let's enjoy our Hari Raya Haji first before you poop out ok… hehehe… mama need to eat all those sedap2 traditional food… and then another round of sushi and another round of bimbimbab… hahaha… and princess cendol too… (it's a long crave list tho)


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