:: Nitro Converter ::

Currently my colleague share software converting pdf file to word as i was sharing my old lame method copy and paste ... hahahaha.... it was so simple, ais kacang gitu....

Nitro software nie can be use online or offline (desktop version)... but of coz desktop version kita kena beli. Dalam zaman gawat ni, saya pun convert file online ja coz it's free and definately you gonna have a superb internet connection.

Letme share online version:-

  1. Pergi website Nitro Software here
  2. Select file format
  3. Masukkan alamat email
  4. Klik Convert Now

 Tunggu file di convert ... once dah settle nanti just check email.

Now kan senang nak edit dalam format word or any other file type we wish for.

Thanks friends, now i'm spreading it to others.

Btw... kalau ada full version for desktop, you'll go crazeee. Any file format and converted file 100% converted without further amendments so far. 


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