Sunday, October 29, 2017

:: Kem SMART 3M 2017 The Arrival ::

As been posted earlier, i'll share what's really happening at the campsite... hehehe... 

Gombak represented with 2 Jurulatih Utama (JU) and an assistant cum chauffeur cum Guru Pengiring to the camp. Pn Sarimah (SK Sg Buluh) with her only hero, Pn Aniza (SK Taman Setia) with her three heroes and yours truly with the two lucky son.  So the six participants aged 9 years old represent Gombak for the camp leaving their parents at a very young age. I myself never experienced it back then. How these kids are so independent and adventurous leaving their comfy bed to experienced a new environment amused me. I myself have to remind about their age and be prepared on the circumstances ahead....  quiet scary tho... chill everyone, we'll see whats happened next...

First and foremost... after surveying whose interested to for the 2 days one night camp is to get their parents permission !!! I called their parents for confirmation because the date and place was not finalised at the time. Prepare documents, permission letters from Co Curriculum Unit, list down what they should bring. As my colleagues created WhatApps group for her participants' parents... i also did mine including my GPK Petang to get the latest update about us.

Then, the day has come... 10 - 11 October 2017. Gathered at school, let them have breakfast... check their health... one of them caught with fever so i had to leave her behind. We convoy a long the way with Kak Aniza to Asia Camp, Ampang Pecah in Kuala Kubu Baru. It was a smooth 45 mins journey with my boy puked a long the way... ishhh Firdaus...Firdaus... forgive him for he seldom get to experienced long distance snake like roadway...hehehe... that's the only thing i did not ask earlier, if i have known that, then i'll get some remedy for mabuk ... hahaha..

Reached Asia Camp safely and registered ourself... updated the kids parents...

Chiiling out

waiting for remaining districts to join in

As the crowds grow bigger upon receiving other districts (9 to be exact)... one by one familiar faces approached and i myself felt so welcoming and homy. Some which i met last year at Perak for Kursus Kelestarian GPM and some were the crazeyyy Albert Einstein (geng data serabut). Hahaha what a co incidents... 

1st familiar face... scooter

then more coming... and Rin is pregnant  ... 

The day begin with ice breaking conducted by Cikgu Aniza, she's just too good!! Daebak... proud that she's from our district. How she controlled the crowd was mesmerising... she's so calm but beast at time...hahahaha...  

Short briefing 


Flexibility task

Needed one to one approach
locomotor skill

building up confident (chaotic for a while)

After the ice breaking, and some rules briefing by the camp commandant, all packed and get to the dormitory. All the guru pengiring automatically become their new warden!!! Naik pangkat oiiiii... then i get to know my new friend from Pokok Sena, GPM Kuala Selangor Cikgu Zaleha. Hai there if you are reading this ... hehehe...

meet Zaleha... ;-)

to the dorm we go !!!

The slots continue with outdoor activities.... But, lets stop it here, wait for more adventures happening at Padang Kawad... jeng jeng jeng... got to go...

to be continue...  


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