:: knock... knock... Hello there!!::

So just getting the mood blogging again !!!
I have been wanting to blog and share lotsa educational stuff here but because my life was such a mess and probably the most unorganised and productive year for me. 
It was a hectic year as what i plan not going through accordingly because Allah always has better plan indeed... Don’t get me wrong , I’m grateful for what He's given me... but putting it back on track after my Daddy passed away was a huge challenge!!! 
I have to fight it... and i choose to start with this soon... Camping!!! Sort of...
So ayah, i'm putting pieces of me back ok... hope u see what i'm doing and be proud for me... as u always do!!!
* * *
So, I'll begin with "Kem SMART 3M LINUS2.0 2017"... and here's the sneak peak. LOL heyy... give me some time to put it all in proper language and arrangement... hehehe. 
Team Gombak

 SK Sungai Kertas representative ... with Cikgu Anaferana


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