the story continue...

It was such a relief went every of our hard work ... there someone really really really appreciate our it... seems like a couple day ago i was blogging about Archie and Richard about their wonderful ceremony... how Archie made the day... etc...and yesterday she made my day and of course my baba up high in the sky. Those wonderful words gimme a big SMILE ... hahaha... malu pun ada jugak...errrmmmm

this is so long long overdue but it comes from the bottom of our hearts when we say ‘thankyou’. Both of you gave us just what we wanted and at no point during our day did either of you make us feel like you were ‘doing a job’. Your enthusiasm, smiles and laughter was infectious - thankyou for relaxing us and making it a truly wonderful day for us. YOU ARE AMAZING! We wish you both a long, happy and successful life, and Farhana you are destined for great things.
Forever your fans,
Archana and Richard

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  1. Ada Fan Club nampak...
    How to join? Ada borang and fees tak?
    I'm your fan too....forever