#01 ll 2021 Selamat Tahun Baru

Assalamualaikum and hi semua,

Tahun baru, semangat baru, perancangan baru. Semua nak baru walaupun hakikatnya, platform yang sedia ada yang dah bersawang. Hahaha... agak kekok nak menulis kembali selepas bertahun tinggalkan blogging entry. So, life have been heywire for everyone kan, with the hit of pandemic Covid -19. However, kita kena adapt well (hadap la) with the current situation so that no one be left behind. In shaa Allah.

So, i started late this year, mourning on what to do... how to do... yada yada... When you dah get ready mentally and physically to start teaching face to face with your kids yang dah setahun tak jumpa, and suddenly 2 weeks before school reopen, MCO started over. Allahuakbar...

Everything was jumble up, twisted around like a rollercoaster ride. Kenapa nak pening bila dah setahun you've been living WFH (work from home). I don't have the answer for that... it's just happened without a reason. 

Day 1 OBL (online based learning) started, i messed up with my timetable. I prepared for Bahasa Melayu walhal it's Mathematics. Totally screwed up. I ws like mentally drained when i have to cope up with soo many WhatsApp massages keep coming for my son classes as well as my work related. Ya Allah... aku nak buat apa ni. Dalam whatapps anak, tunggang langgang task kena buat dgn school updates. Memang is you tak tgk betul2 you'll definately terlepas task penting anak. Goshhh, it sooo crazyy.

Day 2 pun sama, haru biru. Dengan update tugasan day 1 from others and i missed the link to tha second day class for my son. Sebab not all subject ada Google Meet (GM)... and i messed up again. Luckily the teacher did record the class and share the link. Thank God. 

3rd day  tenang sikit sebab 1 subjek saja. Then i pun refleks again whats has gone wrong as a parents as well as myself as a teacher. Orang kat luar sana x peduli semua tu... itu kerja hampa, hampa kena bertanggungjawab. We get a lot of complain, kutukan and nothing motivated langsung. We just motivate each other. 

It's weekend and i'm sorting out myself, and decided to start blogging agian so i can document my task sistematik sket (pray hard) and as a way to destressed myself maybe... apapun for a good deed la kan. 

Browsing other colleagues sharing their ideas, hook to online seminar and gossiping with gossip gurls and end up learning about Bitmoji. I browsed a couple of you tube channel in order to get what i want. alhamdulillah manage to complete one for today. A good start Cikgu Farhana.

Here's to what i've completed for today.

Simple GC Banner

Animated (gif) GC Banner

jpeg Bitmoji image


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