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to live in the light of Quran



Allah have me a FAMILY as a family
a basic NEEDS to my needs
a LIFE as a journey
TIME ...

please Allah... guide me, to live in the light of Quran, and to walk through Al Quran... guide me to be a better Muslim... with taqwa... as in surah Al Baqarah (can't recall which verse)... Al Quran is to those who believes... and that person have taqwa... 

It's MAC !!! and our time is very limited, the world is changing... even lately it's becoming worst... lets everybody improve the relationship with Allah, the relationship with Al Quran. Allah is testing us in so many way... to test our iman... hold on tight with Al Quran...

p/s Lets us pray together for Sabah (LAhad Datu and Samporna) back in peace an tranquility...


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